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Businesses need to take a holistic approach to welding fume control & extraction, as buying an air fed welding helmet alone to protect the welder is not enough. You need to clean the air for other operatives in the workplace.

The welding industry has taken note of HSE 2019 guidelines & taking a three tiered approach to protecting operatives by;

  • 1.Looking at the welding process itself, in a bid to reduce fume by using processes such as pulse MIG.
  • 2. Capturing as much fume as possible by utilising LEV, such as mobile or fixed extraction systems or on torch.
  • 3. Supplying RPE to operators where necessary to protect them from residual fume.

Foster Industrial can visit, survey(includes air monitoring) & offer a bespoke welding fume extraction system suitable for your needs.

Here are some fume extraction options to consider:

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1. On MIG torch extraction

In terms of welding fume removal, the on MIG torch option is by far the most effective with up to 90% of the fume being captured.

The Foster Works X300A on torch extractor is a heavy duty, metal cased unit with sturdy castors meaning it's fit for an industrial environment.

The Foster Works X300A has a unique two filter system, which filters both metal particles(via an M class filter) & gas and ozone (via a HEPA fIlter). Compressed air can be blown through the two filters on a regular maintenance cycle, increasing their life markedly.

This unit also boasts an automatic start-stop feature, which can be activated using the earth lead. This reduces fan noise, whilst improving the service life of the motor.

An alternative to the Works X300A fume extractor is the lighter duty Binzel X-fume Advanced high Vacuum unit, which can connect up to two torches. It has the necessary W3 compliance, auto start-stop, but has a smaller filter & motor capacity than the X300A.

All on torch systems are coupled to a range of Binzel X-Fume torches, which are recommended on the basis of application, amperage & duty cycle.

Foster x300 a with translas torch min

2. Light duty portable fume extractor for maintenance environments

Kemper Smartmaster: Great entry level fume extractor suitable for low level fume, occasional grinding & W3 compliant. In practical terms, the main filter will need changing after every 15 reels of MIG wire consumed. The portable welding fume extractor unit will filter mild steel, stainless steel & other high alloys metals and is available in 110 or 240 volt, with swivel hood, 2 or 3 metre arms. Three filter system includes pre-filter mats, pre-filter & main filter.

ProtectoXtract; This is a brilliant portable welding fume extractor, if you want to grind as well as weld, as a spark arrestor is fitted as standard. The amazing five part filter system covers all bases such as Gross filter; Disposable & lasts 40 to 70 hours. Prefilter removes large particles. The Carbon filter takes out nasty smells & odors, Main Filter (sub-micro): removes metal particles. The Retrofit Spark Filter (for grinding)acts as a metal deflector plate sends sparks into a catch box.

This model is available in a 3 metre arm version only with 110 or 240 volt input. Carries W3 compliance.

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3. Medium duty portable options.

Kemper Profimaster ; Industrial fume extractor for regular use, with 360 degree rotatable hood & W3 compliance. In an everyday environment, the filter will need changing after every 30 reels of MIG wire consumed.

The Kemper Profimaster welding fume extractor is suitable for low to medium levels of fume and is suitable for high alloy, mild steel fume. It is available in 110, 240 & 415 volt models with 2, 3 & 4 metre rotatable arm options. It has easy change two filter (pre & main) system was a nice enhancement from the previous Filtermaster model. It is also suitable for light duty grinding when fitted with the aluminium pre-filter.

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4. Heavy Duty Self-cleaning options

In industrial environments where a lot of anti spatter is applied or the fume created is heavier from dirt & grease, it is important to consider the filter life. DON'T make the mistake of buying a light duty machine for a harsh environment & then rip through filters.

A self cleaning machine cleans itself, filters lasting up to 6,000 welding hours. Importantly, the filters can be removed & pressure washed. The Plymovent Mobile Pro provides such a solution & the fitting of an aluminum KUA arm gives it a heavy duty feel.


5. Downdraft Bench options

A downdraft bench offers a great solution, where it isn't practical to have fume arms suspended from above. Benches of this nature are typically used in colleges & maintenance environments & suitable for grinding, sanding, polishing & welding applications.

In the Kemper Filter-Table & the ProtectoXtracTop we have two great options for those looking for a portable downdraft bench solution. A spark filter is fitted as standard(for grinding purposes) in both extraction units, sitting neatly under a perforated work area.

With a working surface area of 1200 x 800mm in the Kemper Filter-Table, fumes are drawn away from the operator's breathing zone & into the unit for filtration.


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