Buying a Welding Mask

Air Fed Welding Helmets

The 3M Speedglas G5-01 air fed welding respirator is the king with it's ground breaking natural colour lens, air flow adjustment, super comfy headband & heavy duty PAPR blower unit.

The Adflo PAPR unit is designed to provide welders with a constant air flow rate of 170 litres per minute regardless of the battery's charge or the particle loading of the filter. It's difficult to argue with it's lightweight lithium-ion battery, fast switching between welding & grinding & instant on mode. It has all the pedigree a blue chip manufacturer such as 3M has to offer and has the high NPF(nominal protection factor) of 500. It is also classified as TH3.

A suitable alternative is the Foster Industrial Prem-Air GX air Fed Helmet. The Prem-Air PAPR blower unit boasts smart sensor technology, offering constant airflow regardless of filter condition and a user interface which displays battery capacity, air flow level, filter status & temperature. P3 filtration is supplied, as standard.

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True View Technology

'True-view' is an innovation that offers the welder enhanced vision around the work place when welding. A clearer view of the job when the lens is in it's light state offers a further benefit. This means you don't need to lift the headtop to inspect your work.

The bluechip version of 'Trueview' comes in the form of 3M's Speedglas 9100XXI welding helmet, which not only incorporates 'True-view', but a number of other defining features such as an external button to facilitate quicker switching between welding & grinding and the ability to programme two preset modes. If you're a spectacle wearer and you can MIG, plasma cut and TIG weld to very low amps to your heart's content..


Miller Digital Infinity Mask

Giving the 3m Speedglas 9100xxi welding helmet a run for it's money is the Miller Digital Infinity. With a deeper helmet shell, this Miller Infinity welding helmet is a great choice for heavy duty MIG welding and it has the largest welding filter lens on the market to boot. The recent introduction of it's information centre, in the form of Info track, allows the operator to record arc time. A multi language help menu is a great addition too

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