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In 2019, HSE changed their enforcement expectations for all workers who undertake welding activities. As a result of scientific research, evidence suggests exposure to welding fume, can cause lung cancer. The new legislation requires those exposed to welding fume, to have effective preventative measures in place to control it and stay protected.

These growing concerns have led to an increase in demand for fume extraction solutions. This article will explore two of the main solutions mobile and on torch extraction.

Fume extraction


One of the most well-known Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) solutions is the mobile fume extractor. Welding particulate and contaminants are drawn down a rigid or flexible arm, fume being filtered, either by a replacement filter system or self cleaning cartridge. Self cleaning being the more economical option, as the operator can blow out the cartridge on a regular basis to maintain the unit, without the need for a filter change.

An agile solution with portability being the main attraction, the mobile can sometimes suffer from a lack of effectiveness, with the operator failing to pull the collection nozzle into the capture zone, as they move around the job.


We offer a range of mobile extractors with differing capabilities, arm lengths & voltages as follows:

-For maintenance workshop & low fume applications; the Kemper Smartmaster & Protectoxtract filter units have audible arms & would typically require a filter change every 15 reels of MIG wire consumed.

-For more industrial applications the Kemper Profimaster & self cleaning ProtectoXtra portables hit the spot. The ProtectoXtra works on a cartridge system, with a bin being emptied into the hazardous waste. Meaning no filter change & a cost effective solution year on year. It is multi voltage, making it very adaptable for site & workshop alike.

Kemper smartmaster


Another method, which is rising in popularity, is ‘on-torch’ fume extraction, a process in which fume is captured at source, by the MIG gun. This involves replacing a standard MIG torch with a fume extraction torch, which is connected to a hose and high vacuum filtration system. The unit then takes fume directly from the nozzle of the torch, filtering out the metal particulates. The advantage of this method is that it offers the highest level of fume extraction, at an approximate rate of 90% fume removal. The downside of this is the fume torch can be slightly heavier than the regular MIG torch, however more ergonomic designs are constantly being developed.


We offer a range of on torch extraction solutions, including our very own robust, steel cased, heavy duty on-torch extractor, the Foster Works X-300A..

The Foster Works offers a unique two stage filtration system, designed to remove metal particles & ozone. With regular maintenance, via a compressed air cleaning system, filters are unlikely to be changed for a number of years. An auto/on off feature gives the motor life an added longevity.

Offering W3 compliance, the user receives the highest protection against hazardous welding fumes. For a demonstration, simply give us a call & we can complete a site fume survey to boot.

Foster x300 a with translas torch
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Where engineering controls are not adequate, suitable respiratory protective equipment is also required. With the growing concern over welding fume, we designed our own air-fed welding helmets, the Prem-Air, and the Prem-Air GX with grinding visor. Designed for maximum comfort and ease of use, this reduces the risk of fume exposure by filtering the air through to PAPR unit.

Prem airfilterfeature

Why use RPE?

This extra protection further reassures the user of maximum protection from the hazardous fumes and conforms to HSE guidelines. HSE visit workplaces without warning to assess the measures in place and the effectiveness of this, so it is important have solutions in place to avoid being penalised and risking your health.



Monitoring weld fume levels can be difficult, so let us do it for you. Did you know we provide free welding fume extraction surveys to measure your exposure levels? We will advise on the necessary LEV equipment, so you don’t have to mess around. There is not a one size fits all, so it’s important to find out your best solution for your unique requirements. Get in touch today, conform to HSE, stay protected.

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