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Speedglas G5-01VC Adflo

Best In Class Air Fed Helmet

When it comes to choosing an air fed helmet, the Speedglas G5-01VC Adflo is a great option. This Heavy Duty Welding Helmet has more adjustable features than ever. With the helmet’s new duct system, users can direct the airflow to either their face or visor, and adjust the amount of air from the top outlet, the two side outlets , or choose a blend of both. 3M's variable Colour Technology allows you to choose between 3 colour tones,(natural, cool or warm)when the lens is it's dark state. This goes in hand with the large viewing area of 104mm x 170 mm and welding filter Shades 5, 8-14. For extended non-welding work, the welding visor can be removed reducing weight by up to 36%, whilst the unit boasts a heavy duty battery, giving you 12 hours of Adflo air flow.


Foster Prem Air GX welding helmet

Best Everyday Welding & Grinding Helmet

We understand what customer's need in an everyday air fed welding helmet, that's why we have our own. With true view providing greater clarity, colour & contrast and a grind flip up visor this helmet is one to boast about. The flip-up functionality allows you to seamlessly switch between welding and grinding tasks while maintaining powered air respiratory protection. This high strength grade 'B' impact headshield has a 110 x 90mm welding filter lens and a viewing area of 100 x 60mm. SmartSensor technology keeps the air flow stable when the battery runs low or the filter is clogged, all whilst providing 3 step variable flow rate adjustment allowing the operator to increase comfort levels.

347101 reduced final

Foster Prem Air LX Welding Helmet

Largest viewing area

The Foster Prem Air LX Helmet boasts a huge viewing area of 102.5 x 102.5 mm offering the operator great vision in a less claustrophobic environment. It's auto shade selection mode senses the filter shade required with no adjustment needed and it has three memory functions and a grinding warning flash light.

And if that isn't enough the Prem-air powered air respirator has smartsensor technology ensuring a constant air flow regardless off when the battery runs low or the filter is clogged. The 3 step variable flow adjustment offers the user increased comfort levels, whilst making no compromises on the sleek design.


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