Buying a MIG welder


As a leading welding supplier, our range wouldn't be complete without top of the range MIG welding machines. We have hand picked a range of MIG welders from brands including Miller, EWM and our very own brand. When it comes to choosing your MIG welder you need to consider the amperage, voltage input, type of material and thickness, and of course budget.

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Key Factors to consider when buying a MIG welder

-Assessing the amperage machine required to to do the job. 35 amps per millimetre to be welded.

-Material to be welded. Pulse MIG produces better results on aluminium & stainless.

-How easy is the interface on the machine to operate? Is it synergic?

-What is the duty cycle of the machine? Do you need a water cooled torch for heavy duty, time on applications.

-What is the wire drive system specification? 2 or 4 roll? Heavy duty block?

-What is the MIG torch specification & length?

-What input power do you have available? You won't be able to weld above 6 mm material thickness on 240 volts.

-What is the machine warranty & does the dealer have engineers, who can provide after sales back up

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240 volt MIG compact:

  • The Miller Migmatic 175 is smallest of our range, a light industrial MIG. Great for the sheet metal worker running 0.8 to 1.0mm diameter wire in full spray transfer, welding up to 5 mm mild steel. It has six voltage settings, takes a 15 kilo reel & you can fit an industrial cylinder on a robust bottle rack. Welds at 150amps on 240 volts, with a duty cycle 150 amps at 35%.
Miller 175

240 volt MIG Inverter

  • The Miller MPI 220P MIG is great for pulse mig welding up to 5mm steel & 6mm aluminium. Featuring a synergic mode, means it will select the correct voltage and amperage based on wire feed speed set up by the operator. This universal multi-process inverter can be used for DC TIG & MMA welding at 5 to 200 amps. Adjustable Hot start for stick & upslope/downslope function for TIG are a nice bonus. Great all rounder for site work, due it weighing only 16 kilos. Supplied with a Binzel MB25 4 metre air cooled torch, 230 amps @60%.

415 volt Compact Pulse MIG

The Miller Migmatic 300IP is a portable, and compact pulse MIG welding machine, with an amperage range of 5 to 300 amps and 4 roll wire drive unit, compatible with 1.0mm-1.2mm wire.

We like the 300IP's 4 pre-set trigger switch program & it's pulse MIG capabilities making it the ideal system for aluminium, stainless steel, and thin plate. Pulse reduces weld spatter & in turn post weld clean up. Supplied with a Binzel MB36 4 metre torch, welding up to 10mm material.


High Amp MIG seperate-Air Cooled

The Miller Blufab S400i air cooled MIG welder is easy to operate and offers the perfect combination of pre-set values and synergic programs. The operator has access to four pre-programmed options or customized programs from the front panel of the feeder.

As the power source is inverter based, the unit offers considerable energy saving against traditional transformer based kit.

The Bluefab's sturdy 4 wheel drive feed unit, 400 amps @ 60% duty cycle and multi-process capability of MIG, MMA & lift TIG , it makes it an excellent addition to any fab shop. Welds up to 12mm.


415 Volt Heavy duty water cooled MIG

Our robust and reliable Foster FX450 MIG is available in a water cooled and air cooled. These power sources boast active four roll wire feed systems, digital volt/amp meter and traditional constant step voltage regulation. These high quality machines are a rugged and reliable solution for high amp, demanding fabrication.


The best machine option for heavy duty Aluminium MIG welding

When heavy duty MIG welding of aluminium is required and wire needs to be fed over long distances, the only viable welding method is Push-Pull MIG. Push-pull utilises two motors, one in the feeder & one in the gun, to feed MIG wire distances up to ten metres. Miller's Alumafeed push-pull system with synergic pulse power source has few peers in the transport sector, where a robust pistol grip gun, allows the operator to weld inside the structure.


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