Buying a MIG welder

240 volt options

The Miller Migmatic 175 is a light industrial MIG. Great for the sheet metal worker running 0.8 to 1.0mm diameter wire in full spray transfer, welding up to 5 mm mild steel. It has six voltage settings, takes a 15 kilo reel & you can fit an industrial cylinder on a robust bottle rack.

The Miller Migmatic 220 could be utilised as a 1.0mm MIG machine welding 5 to 6mm sheet metal all day, as it has a heavy duty wire drive system. It's extremely versatile, incorporating ten voltage steps, spot weld timer & the ability to fit a spool on gun for aluminium.

If portability is an issue you could opt for the Miller Mpi 220 multi process welder which is predominately used as a Pulse MIG for welding up to 5.0mm. Typical applications for this machine would include tubes, frames, car, boat & motorcycle repair. At just 16 kilos in weight, the Mpi 220 is a brilliant site tool and you can perform light duty stick & TIG welding with it too. You'll need to buy welding leads, a Tig torch & argon regulator as extra, but ultimately you'll have a very portable and flexible, maintenance & repair welding set.

Mig safety

415 Volt Options

The compact Miller Migmatic 250, 300 & 380 models are available in base versions.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a synergic pulse machine, choose the ever popular Migmatic 300iP, it's easy set up allows you to MIG weld aluminium or thin plate mild steel & stainless steel with ease.

The Migmatic 250 is the entry level MIG suitable for auto body repair and welding light gauge steel up to 6 mm, whilst the Migmatic 300 is ideal for a 1.2mm mig wire set up welding say 8 mm diameter thick plate. This set would typically be seen in the farming and general repair sectors.

EWM's Saturn 301 provides another alternative with it's exceptional build quality, heavy duty 4 roll drive system and ability to weld as low as 30 amps. The Saturn 300 is a great all rounder, as you can run 0.8mm to 1.2mm MIG wire with equal performance & the ability to purchase this set with or without meters gives you a calibration option.


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