With the Health & Safety Executive identifying new scientific evidence that exposure to all welding fume can cause lung cancer & possibly kidney cancer, the onus on welding fume extraction has never been greater.

The consequence of these new findings is a strengthening of HSE enforcement around all welding fume, including mild steel fume, which is now considered a human carcinogen. Talk to us about how welding fume extraction can protect your whole workforce, by capturing smoke at source.

Selecting the right welding fume extractor for the job

In our view, the effective capture of weld fume at it's origin, should be clients primary goal. Latest thinking pointing us towards not recommending any weld fume extraction that isn't IFA W3 compliant. In leymans terms, W3 ensures that units have a high air flow rate, good filter efficiency of 99% or above and an audible/visual low air flow filter alarm.

On torch options

Foster Prem-X-200W3 on torch extraction system; A highly effective solution, designed to remove welding fume at source, by extracting the welding fume down the MIG welding nozzle without disturbing the shielding gas. With up to 70% of the weld fume being captured by a Binzel RAB torch, which has an adjustable nozzle & lightweight power cable, it is the most efficient extraction method on the market. The Prem-X-200w3 is also W3 compliant making it suitable for all welding fume & incorporates a compressed air port for filter cleaning and automatic start/stop.

The Kemper Minifil offers an alternative on torch extraction option & hosts a number of key features including W3 filtration, automatic start/stop & contamination free filter removal. It has a smaller filter & motor capacity than the Prem-X, but is still a great option for everyday MIG welding & is delivered with the requisite Binzel RAB torch.

With the amount of fume captured at source paramount, we recommend Binzel's RAB grip HE range for higher amperage applications, where fume generation is generally higher. The high efficiency range allows for greater air flow & has a more efficient nozzle capture method at the work piece.

Mobile options

Kemper Smartmaster mobile: Great entry level budget fume extractor suitable for low level fume, with an approximate main filter change after every 15 reels of MIG wired burned. Available in 110 & 240 volt versions, swivel hood, 2 & 3 metre arm versions. Three filter system includes pre-filter mats, pre-filter & main filter. IFA W3 compliant.

ProtectoXtract mobile; A favourite with maintenance facilities, it's amazing five part filter system has a gross filter, pre-filter, carbon filter, main filter & spark filter(fitting for grinding applications). This unit comes with on site commissioning & COSHH testing, if you are based in England & Wales. IFA W3 compliant

Kemper Profimaster mobile; Industrial fume extractor for everyday use. Suitable for low to medium levels of fume, with an approximate main filter change after every 30 reels of MIG wire consumed. Suitable for high alloy, mild steel fume etc. Available in 110, 240 & 415 volt models with 2, 3 & 4 metre rotatable arm options. It's easy change two filter system, 360 degree capture hood & audible filter alarm make it an industry favourite. IFA W3 compliant.

Bench Mounted options

ProtectoXtractop down draft bench extractor combines a ProtectoXtract extractor with a bench top(surface area; 1100 x700mm) and takes welding fumes and grinding dust down & away from the operator. The unit is pre-fitted with a Protectospark retrofit filter which enables safe grinding. The ProtectoXtractop is an ideal solution for clients unable to fit arms into an enclosed space & comes with a set of castors, enabling it to be moved easily around the shop.

Fixed Extraction Arm systems.

Where it is practical, fixed arm systems ducted or connected directly to a fan have their place and deal with fume capture at source. Extraction arms are supplied in a number of lengths and designs, according to the volume of welding fume to be extracted and the size of the work space. Site surveys are carried out by our Sales engineers, with a view to building a bespoke extraction system to fit your needs.


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