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Foster Industrial can advise on the best on MIG torch solution for your business, according to the level of fume created & the number of operatives. We offer free fume extraction surveys, to remove hazardous welding fumes in the workplace. Call us for a demonstration on our proposed solutions on 01509-509269 or make an enquiry through our contact form.

MIG torch partners, Binzel & Translas supply a number of air & water cooled options which couple to light to heavy duty weld fume filter systems, from the robust Foster Works X-300A to the heavy duty Translas W200 twin and the Kemper Vacufil 500 high vacuum system, capable of connecting up to four fabricators.

 Medium & High volume applications         

The Foster Works X-300A was designed specifically for heavy duty MIG welding applications, but is increasingly sold as a solution across the board, due to it's durabilty & low ongoing maintenance cost. It's metal casing & chunky castors ensure it's longevity in an testing industrial environment.

This 'on torch' extraction unit is fitted with a high efficiency M class filter for collecting metal particles & a HEPA filter with activated carbon, for removing gas & ozone. This dual filtration system is somewhat unique to the industry and ensures that you are removing as many of the harmful elements of welding fume as possible, before returning air to the workshop.The Foster Works X300A's M class filters are cleaned using a lever which blows compressed air through the M class particle filter into a collection bin at the base of the unit. An auto start/stop function can also be utilised by running the earth return cable through a clip on the top of the unit & flicking a switch.

The X-300A model couples to top specification Binzel XFUME & Translas MIG torches, which are available in both air & water cooled versions. A member of the Foster technical team will make a MIG gun extraction torch recommendation based upon your processs.  

Another highly efficient option is the Translas W200 twin. It has an exceptionally high extraction rate & is suitable for two operators and applications where long air hoses are required. This unit is 415 volts, designed to work with two 'on torch' fume guns, has variable speed, auto on/off & is typically fitted with three Translas options. The extraction rates the Translas W200 offers are exceptional.

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