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MORE ABOUT Welding Supplies

Here's a snap shot of our offering:

Supply of Welders Personal protection equipment

Our welding PPE range ensures you stay protected when welding. Welders Workwear, including jackets, coveralls and aprons , ensures you are protected from Arc Flash radiation & sparks.

Welding gauntlets are carefully sourced with Foster own brand & Weldas high end quality leather at the forefront.  Weldas Deerskin and Soft touch TIG gauntlets display flexibility of movement & luxury, whilst the Comfloflex MIG glove  is made from A grade leather & is kevlar stitched to the max.

MIG Welding wires, torches, anti spatter & non-destructive testing supplies

Mildsteel A18, stainless 308, 309 & 316, aluminium 4043 & 5356, Hardfacing 600 solid & core MIG welding wires, are all ex-stock.

With A18 wires, you can choose between SG2 & SG3, SG3 having a higher silicon content & better at high amperages. Aluminium wires are available in two grades, the 5356 being the best for structural & the 4043 gives a more aesthetic finish.

When it comes to Hardfacing, Chromeless cored MIG wires offer a point of difference with their reduced fume content and low spatter.

Water based Anti spatter comes in the form of a aerosol tins or hand sprayers. With Binzel's Ceramic spray offering a longevity to hot end consumable life, with it's unique properties & coating.

Binzel's air cooled & water cooled MIG torch range remains the industry leader. With weld fume removal now being a big focus, the Binzel range of XfUME on torch fume extractors are to the fore. BInzel's xFume Compact 25 &  Pro24, 36 & 501 torches link neatly to our heavy duty Foster X-300A extractor.

We also have a number of weld crack detection spray kits options for non destructive testing. We can advise on the methodology behind the application of cleaner, penetrant & developer & the results it produces. 

Welding accessories & filler rods for TIG welding

Mildsteel A18 & A15, stainless 308, 309 & 316, aluminium 4043 & 5356 TIG filler wires cover off the TIG welding material requirements.

TIG Weld cleaning of stainless steel is no longer a pickling paste preserve, with the TIGbrush electo-chemical cleaning system taking it's place as a more eco-friendly option.

Binzel fixed or flexi-neck TIG torches offer a high end option for both air cooled WP9, WP17 & WP26 and water cooled WP18 & WP20 torches. We carry the TIG tungstens & front end parts such as back caps & ceramics too.

Stick Electrodes & accessories for Arc welding

A host of arc welding rod options from market leaders Esab, Elga, Bohler & Oerlikon await. Mildsteel 6013 & low hydrogen 7016/7018, stainless 308, 309, 312 or 316 in tins or vacuum packed.

Welding cable cut to the metre or ready made welding leads for earth & electrode, accesories from drying ovens & quivers to chipping hammers & fillet gauges.

Welding Curtain Bay & Screening in a variety of materials

Build your own welding screen with the Foster welding curtain frame and a choice of canvas, lo-vis & hi-vis finishes. Create your own mini bay with Tusker's 3 sided hinged curtain system or four sided Swiftbay system. Alternatively, try the 2 metre welding tent for site work.

Welding Blankets suitable for every application

Assess the level of protection you require for the job & opt for a light or heavy weight blanket in a range of sizes. Tusker's WBN11 blanket  can hold 35 grams of moltern metal 1500 degrees C.

Stress relief on welding jobs can be achieved with our range of heat retention blankets.

Welding supplies at your fingertips with our B2B trade account

If you are a business and have a constant churn of welding consumables, our Weldstock system could assist in streamlining your purchasing & production. One delivery per month, one monthly invoice, trend analysis and an account manager who ensures you always have welding supplies at your beck & call.

To get things underway with our B2B offering, you can apply for a trade account and open up a host of benefits, such as bespoke pricing and unlimited technical advice. It only takes a minute.

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