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We (The “Supplier”) Foster & Co Weldtech Limited, a company registered in England

with registration number 03756447. Our registered address is Matrix House, Gelders

Hall Road, Shepshed, Loughborough, LE12 9NH. Orders placed by you (The

“Customer”) are accepted and a contract is constituted on condition that the following

Conditions of Sale be accepted by the customer to the exclusion of the Customer’s

conditions and any other conditions of sale or purchase and that in the event of resale the customer undertakes the responsibility of ensuring that the ultimate

purchaser is also fully acquainted with and accepts the said conditions.


All quotations, drawings and information remain the Seller’s property and copyright

and are to be treated as confidential. Dimensions, weights and descriptions of the

goods stated on any offer, acceptance, catalogue or circular are approximate only

and not binding to details.


When supplying goods in respect of a particular purpose every endeavour is made to

meet the requirements of Customers from the information supplied by them. As full

information will be supplied at the request of the Customer regarding the

manufacture and capabilities of the goods no responsibility is accepted as to the

suitability of any goods for a particular purpose once an order is accepted, except

under the terms of the Seller’s guarantee.


(a) In the event of either:

(i) The Seller being delayed or prevented from making delivery owing to an

event of force majeure arising out of or caused by an act of god, war, civil

disturbance, requisitioning, government or parliamentary restriction,

prohibition or enactment of any kind, import or export regulations, strike, lockout, trade dispute, difficulty in obtaining workmen or materials, break-down of

machinery, shortage of fuel, fire, accident or any other cause whatsoever

beyond the Seller’s control; or

(ii) Non-delivery by the Seller’s suppliers the Seller shall be at liberty to cancel

or suspend the contract without incurring any liability for any loss or damage

resulting therefrom.

(b) Whilst delivery dates are given in good faith based upon information available to

the Seller at the time of quotation or tender, such dates are not guaranteed and the

Seller accepts no responsibility for delays (as defined in 3(a)(i) above) or completion

and no delay (as defined in 3(a)(ii)) shall entitle the Customer o reject any delivery or

any further instalment or part of the order or to repudiate the order or any part

thereof or to claim any damages or compensation in respect of the said delay.


Delivery will take place when the goods are loaded on transport at the Seller’s works

(if the Customer arranges transport) or arrives at the Customer’s works (if the Seller

arranges transport) and risk will thereupon pass to the Customer. The Seller accepts

no responsibility for any loss or damage to goods, howsoever arising, after delivery

has taken place. Customers are strongly advised to make suitable insurance

arrangements in respect of goods during transit out of the Seller’s works. Claims in

respect of loss or damage in transit should be made direct on the carrier or

transporter concerned.


Packing cases, pallets, skids, drums and other packaging materials, if charged for,

will be credited in full if returned in good condition carriage paid to the Seller within

one month of delivery of the goods.


(a) Notwithstanding risk in the Goods passing in accordance with clause hereof title

in the Goods shall not pass to the Customer until whichever shall be the first to occur

of the following:

(i) payment being received by the Company for the Goods and no other

amounts being outstanding from the Customer to the Seller in respect of any

other work or goods supplied by the Seller to the Customer prior to the date of


(ii) the Customer selling the goods at the best obtainable price and on

commercially reasonable terms in the ordinary course of its business as

principal as regards sub-buyers and not as agent for the Seller in which case

title to the Goods shall be deemed to have passed to the Customer

immediately prior to delivery of the Goods to the sub-buyer.

(b) Before title has passed to the Customer under the terms of the Clause and

without prejudice to any of its other rights, the seller shall have the right to enter

upon the Customer’s premises where the Goods are stored or are thought by the

Company to be stored for the purposes of repossessing them and subsequently

reselling them;

(c) Until payment due under this contract and all other contracts between the

Customer and the Seller has been made in full:

(i) The Customer shall hold the Goods as Bailee of the Company and shall

store them in such a manner that they are readily identifiable as the property

of the Seller.

(ii) in the event of the sale or hire of the Goods by the Customer as Bailee of

the Seller it shall hold the proceeds of such sale or hire on trust for the Seller

in a separate bank account opened by the Customer for this purpose or

otherwise ensure that all such proceeds of sale or hire are kept by or on

behalf of the Seller in a separate and identifiable form. Forthwith upon the

receipt of such proceeds of sale or hire the Customer shall pay to the Seller

any of the aforesaid sums outstanding to the Seller and shall not use or deal

with such proceeds of sale or hire in any way whatsoever until such sums

shall have been paid.

(iii) The Seller shall be entitled to trace all such proceeds of sale or hire

charges received by the Customer through any bank or other account

maintained by the Customer.

(iv) In the event of sale or hire of the Goods by the Customer in the ordinary

course of its business the Customer shall assign its rights to recover the

selling price or hire charges from the third parties concerned to the Seller if

required to do so in writing by the Seller.

(d) As the insurable risk in the Goods shall pass to the Customer as soon as the

Goods are delivered to it or to its order pending disposal the Customer shall keep the

Goods insured in the amount of the price at which the Goods are sold to the

Customer against all insurable risks.

(e) If the goods are destroyed by an insured risk prior to the same being paid for by

the Customer, the Customer shall receive the proceeds of any such insurance as

trustee for the Seller.

(f) The Customer shall not be entitled to pledge or in any way charge by way of

security for any indebtedness any of the Goods which remain the property of the

Seller, but if the Customer does so all moneys owing by the Customer to the Seller

shall (without prejudice to any other right or remedy of the Seller) forthwith become

due and payable.


Prices quoted are net of VAT. Subject to credit being approved accounts are due for

payment not later than the end of the month following the month of despatch,

otherwise payment must be received by the Seller before delivery. When deliveries

are spread over a period each consignment will be invoiced as despatched and each

month’s invoices will be treated as a separate account and be payable accordingly.

The Seller reserves the right to charge interest on all overdue accounts at 1% above

current HSBC Bank rate. Failure to pay for any goods or for any delivery or

instalment shall entitle the Seller to suspend further both on the same order and on

any other order from the Customer without prejudice to any other right the Seller may

have. The Seller reserves the right where a Customer fails to adhere strictly to the

agreed credit terms or where genuine doubts arise as to a Customer’s financial

position to suspend delivery of any order or part or instalment without liability until

payment or satisfactory security for payment has been provided. Where goods are to

be delivered outside the U.K. payment must be made against delivery of the goods

or shipping documents f.o.b. U.K. Port unless credit arrangements approved by the

Seller have been made.


An Offer will be deemed made when the Customer places the order with the Supplier, acceptance of

the Customer’s offer will take place on dispatch. The Supplier reserves the right to accept orders

and/or supply goods at their discretion.


The goods manufactured by the Seller are supplied with the following express

guarantee the Seller takes all precautions to ensure the quality of materials and

workmanship and guarantees all goods against faulty material and/or workmanship

for a period of (six) months from the date of delivery. The terms of this Guarantee

apply only to the first owner of the goods. The Seller will in no circumstances accept

responsibility of any defects whatsoever arising from misuse of any goods or arising

out of situations outside the control of the Seller.

This Guarantee shall not apply to defects in any goods which have been altered

outside the Sellers works.


(a) Subject as aforesaid, all expenses or implied warranties, conditions,

representations, undertakings or liabilities, whether imposed by statute, common

law, custom or otherwise regarding damage or loss are hereby expressly excluded

insofar that such matters are within the bounds of reasonableness and in the light of

these terms and conditions, in particular, without impairing the generality of the

foregoing, no statement or description contained in any catalogue or advertisement

issued by the Seller or in any communication from the Seller or made verbally or in

writing by any of the Seller’s agents, representatives, officers or employees shall

give or imply or be construed as giving or implying any such warranty, condition,

representation, undertaking or liability as aforesaid nor shall such statement or

description enlarge, vary or override in any way any of the conditions herein


(b) The Seller accepts no responsibility for damage, direct, consequential, contingent

or resulting loss of profits, costs, charges, expenses or other liability whether of the

Customer or of any other party, howsoever arising but within the bounds of

reasonableness, the Seller’s responsibility being strictly limited to rectification or

replacement as set out above and those matters referred to in these terms and

conditions. Such rectification or replacement will be made as quickly as possible but

the seller requires a reasonable time to affect this. A claim in respect of any defect or

failure to comply with the specification or order or in respect of any delivery or

instalment of an order or any part thereof shall not entitle the Customer to cancel or

refuse delivery of or payment for any other order, delivery or instalment or any part of

the same order, delivery or instalment.

(c) Nothing in these terms of business should affect the Customers legal rights or

limit our legal responsibility for death or personal injury, or any other liability which

the Supplier cannot limit or exclude by law.


The Seller hereby gives notice to the Customer that it has available information and

product literature concerning the conditions whereby the goods supplied will be safe

and may be operated without risk to health. If the Customer is not already in

possession of such literature or requires any information or advice in connection with

the safe use of the goods at work, the Customer should contact the Seller.


Age restrictions apply to some goods supplied by the Seller. By ordering these

goods, the Customer confirms they are over 18 and that the person receiving the

delivery or collecting the goods is also over 18. The Seller reserves the right to

cancel the Customers order for age-restricted items if there is good reason to believe

you do not meet the relevant age restriction.


These Terms and Conditions will be governed by, and construed in accordance with,

the laws of England, and any disputes relating to these Terms and Conditions will be

subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


If a provision of these Terms and Conditions is determined by any court or other competent authority

to be unlawful and/or unenforceable, the other provisions will continue in effect. If any unlawful and/or

unenforceable provision would be lawful or enforceable if part of it were deleted, that part will be

deemed deleted, and the rest of the provision will continue in effect.

The contract shall in all respects be construed and operate as an English contract

and shall be governed by English Law.

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