With over fifty years experience in the industrial gas sector, Foster Industrial is well placed to offer advice & supply all your gas welding equipment and accessory requirements.

The gas welding torch merges two different gases together, in order to produce a level of heat which is powerful enough and prolonged enough to join or cut metal. It enables control over the direction, size, shape, and intensity of the heat source. This is done by manipulating one of two valve devices positioned on the torch handle, regulating the flow of oxygen and fuel.

Our range of gas welding and cutting torches cover light or heavy duty gas welding equipment options a plenty and there is a range of workshop welding & cutting kits to choose from. Our Model O lead welding torch is great for the welding of thin gauge sheet metal and finite gas welding applications.  

Welding Hose

Hoses link the oxygen and fuel cylinders to the valve devices on the welding torch. Hoses are colour coded, so that hotwork operatives can tell at a glance which one needs to be expanded or restricted to control the flow of oxygen or fuel. Three colours are used for to identify hoses: blue for oxygen, red for acetylene & orange for propane.

Gas Welding Regulator

The gas regulator (also referred to as a pressure regulator) enables hotwork operatives to exercise control over the pressure of the gases moving through the hoses and down to the welding torch. In most cases, regulators are also used to indicate how much gas is left in a tank or container.

Foster Industrial supply a range of premium own brand Gas welding regulators in plug & single stage varieties, whilst British manufacturers' Wescol & Gas Arc offer multi stage options.

Welding Nozzles

You can attach a wide range of different nozzles to a welding torch, dependant on the task at hand. For instance, the dimensions (particularly the width) of materials will dictate what kind of bore measurement needs to be utilised.  Gas pressure is manipulated in accordance with a specific nozzle size, in order to create a safe and neutral heat source.

Flashback Arrestors are used to protect single cylinders, outlet points or pipelines from gas blowback and explosion. Foster offers a choice of resettable and non resettable flashback arrestors for gas welding according to your application: Make a choice between the resettable option and more budget priced barrel type design. 




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