Gas Welding Torches

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Weldgas 18/90 Gas Cutting Torch GAS2005
£75.17 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Model 'O' Lead Welding & Burning Kit
£111.46 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Lightweight Gas Welding Mixer
£22.80 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Lightweight Gas Welding Shank
£38.75 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Type 5 Heavy Duty Gas Welding Mixer - Propane
£14.95 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Type 5 Heavy Duty Gas Welding Mixer -Acetylene
£20.50 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Type 5 Gas Cutting Attachment
£48.80 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Type 5 Gas Welding Shank
£37.58 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
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K2 Cylinder Key
£2.95 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Combination Spanner
£4.45 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
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Nozzle Reamers
£3.55 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Triple Flint Lighter
£3.76 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Triple Lighter Flints
£1.07 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
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We stock everything from gas welding and cutting torches to lead burning kits, nozzle reamers, flint lighters, welding shanks, cylinder keys, spanners, and more.

Selecting the right gas welding torch kit for the job

Ultra lightweight gas torch kit

 The Model O lead welding kit is designed for finite welding & brazing jobs, such as jewellery & electronics work. Allows for fine adjustment of the gas flame and has five different nozzle sizes, according to the work being carried out. Welds thin gauge metal up to 1.5mm diameter and suitable for steel, aluminium & zinc.

Lightweight gas welding torch

For the welding of thin gauge materials, the lightweight mixer & shank combination allows you to weld up to 8 mm diameter metal, with the selection of swaged lightweight welding nozzles. Typically, you would couple this kit with a 6 mm diameter oxy/acetylene hose set. 

Heavy duty gas welding torch kit

For welding thicker materials, move up to the Type 5 gas torch, incorporating a heavy duty shank and mixer. Select from heavy weight gas welding nozzles up to number 18. The type 5 platform offers you the flexibilty of adding a gas cutting attachment too. Choose between oxy/acetylene or oxy/propane heavy duty type 5 mixers, according to your gas source. Gas torches have 3/8 fittings and suit 8mm diameter oxy/fuel gas hose sets.

Heavy duty cutting torches

Heavy duty cutting comes in the form of the Weldgas 18/90 cutting torch, which allows you to cut up to 250 mm thick steel. Has the the flexibility to be used with either oxy/acetylene or oxy/propane gas combinations, with a choice of ANM or PNM gas cutting nozzles. Cutters fit to 8mm or 10mm diameter gas fuel hose sets with 3/8 inch fittings.

With a selection of comprehensive gas welding and cutting kits on offer too, it is fair to say that Foster Industrial's breadth of range has your gas welding torch requirements covered.

Gas welding torch health & safety audits

BCGA Code of Practice CP7 states that all gas welding torches must be inspected for safety, condition & operability annually.

In line with this regulation, gas welding regulators and flashback arrestors must also be changed every five years, whilst gas welding hose must be inspected for any damage and cracking.

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