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Weldstock is a sophisticated method of stock management that allows customers to hold their own stock of frequently used consumables such as welding wires and grinding discs. As well as ending costly and inconvenient downtime caused by ‘stock outs’, a £15,000 upgrade to our Weldstock software has made the system more flexible with improved reporting and traceability functions to better predict requirements and react faster to changing needs.

Weldstock was set up as a solution for customers who struggled to predict stock requirements in advance, leading to downtime and delays while they waited for deliveries. By analysing the most frequently used items and delivering them in a single consignment, Foster Industrial is able to ensure consistent stock levels while also providing cost savings. Everything from welding wires, dust masks or even washroom supplies is issued free, so customers are only ever charged for what they use.

Every customer who signs up to Weldstock undergoes an initial stock audit from one of Foster Industrial’s account managers. They assess requirements and usage levels and arrange delivery of whatever is needed in one single consignment. At the end of each month Foster Industrial’s team carries out another stocktake, which is transmitted directly to the office for processing. This immediate transfer means stock can often be replenished within 24 hours.

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