At Foster Industrial, quality is a top priority. You can pick up premium arc welding accessories from our wide range of products, everything from welding rod holders to earth clamps, wire brushes, chipping hammers, quivers, metal markers, gouging torches, engineer’s chalk and more.

Welding Accessories Purchasing Guide

Electrode Holders

The standard electrode holder is utilised in accordance with shielded metal arc hotwork (also known as stick welding), because it offers a safe and simple way to keep consumable welding rods secure. It is a basic and uncomplicated tool made up of a clamp and a protected grab handle. Whilst the clamp secures the welding rod, the welder takes control via the grab handle – the electrode holder is powered through an electrical outlet.

Welding Ovens

Welding electrodes, especially low hydrogen iron powder type electrodes, are prone to absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. If there is more moisture present than the recommended levels for the particular type of flux, then the electrodes need to be re-dried before you can use them. This is where welding ovens come in. Electrodes should be placed in a welding oven for one hour at 0-250 degrees Celsius to expel the excess moisture from the flux coating, making the electrodes safe for use.

Welding Quivers

When transferring electrodes from the holding oven to the place you are working you will want a reliable and durable welding quiver. A welding quiver essentially is a lightweight, portable oven, designed to protect the electrodes during transfer while maintaining an even temperature. They are also ideal for storing electrodes in warm, dry conditions before welding.

Arc Air Gouging Explained

Arc air gouging is a process used to cut or remove metal through intense heat which is generated from a carbon arc. For this process you need to use a carbon electrode, compressed air and a welding power source. The arc created between the carbon electrode and the work piece melts the metal. At the same time, the compressed air blows the melted metal away leaving you with a clean groove in the metal.

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