Although, arc welding has been gradually usurped by the MIG welding process over the years-The demand for arc welding equipment & accessories remains strong.

The rise of the arc welding inverter, since the millenium, has seen a significant reduction in the use of traditional welder generators. Operators are using the portability and voltage input options that inverter type arc welding equipment provides to access the work areas they require. There is no noise or welder generator fumes to contend with either.

Our stick welder product portfolio covers a range of amperages, input voltages, warranty packages and budgets. A look at our Welding Buyers Guide will help narrow down the options.

We know when it comes to Mild steel arc welding rods the colour of the box can make a difference, afterall every welder has his preference when it comes to operabiilty, striking and branding. We have selected a range of 6013 and 7018 low hydrogen arc welding electrodes from the major welding manufacturing houses and think we have your welding rod requirements covered !

Stainless steel arc welding is dependant on the grade of the material or materials (they can be dissimilar) you're welding together. Identify the stainless grade, typically 308 or 316 and select the stainless welding rod you require. Elga's range of Cromarod electrodes have long been our primary offering, as they do what it says on the tin and leave an excellent finish. However, in 2013, we were impressed with the new Sifchrome stainless range of welding electrodes and identified the need to bring a 1 kilo packet offering to the small user market.

Not a day goes by when we're not digging into our Welding cable stocks. We offer a bespoke service when it comes to your welding lead and welding earth cable set requirements. Check our welding cable section for your needs-Order online or call us on 01509-509269 with your cable length and size, earth clamp, electrode holder and welding cable connector combinations. We'll endeavour to offer you an immediate estimate.

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