Buying a MIG Welder

Buying a MIG Welder

The MIG welding process is easy to learn, generates high welding speeds, offers great control on thinner metals & should deliver clean welds without slag.

If you want to know more about choosing the right MIG welder read our blog where we explain features, terminology and flag up any potential pitfalls you may encounter when buying a MIG set.

In this article we offer some insight into certain models & their capabilities. As a safe rule of thumb for selecting your MIG welding set, you need 40 amps per mm diameter of material to be welded. 

1./ 240 volt options

For home use, consider the Gys Pearl 150 inverter. You can run it off a 13 amp plug and if you don't have access to gas, you can reverse the polarity & weld with gasless MIG wire.   

The Miller Migmatic 175 is a light industrial/automotive MIG. Great for the sheet metal worker running 0.8 to 1.0mm diameter wire in full spray transfer, welding up to 5 mm mild steel. It has six voltage settings, takes a 15 kilo reel & you can fit an industrial cylinder on a robust bottle rack.

The Miller Migmatic 220 could be utilised as a dedicated 1.0mm MIG machine welding 5 to 6mm sheet metal all day, as it has a heavy duty wire drive system. It's extremely versatile, incorporating ten voltage steps, spot weld timer & the ability to fit a spool on gun for aluminium. Alternatively, you could upgrade to the 220 Deluxe model, a synergic MIG specifically designed for ease of set up and stainless & alloy applications. The beauty of the Deluxe is that it also includes adjustable burn back & run in, allowing the operator to optimise arc starting.

If portability is an issue you could opt for the Miller Mpi 220 multi process welder which is predominately used as a Pulse MIG for welding up to 5.0mm. Typical applications for this machine would include tubes, frames, car, boat & motorcycle repair. At just 16 kilos in weight, the Mpi 220 is a brilliant site tool and you can perform light duty stick & TIG welding with it too. You'll need to buy welding leads, a Tig torch & argon regulator as extra, but ultimately you'll have a very portable and flexible, maintenance & repair welding set.

MPI 220

*Miller's Mpi220 inverter MIG

2./ 415 volt options

The compact Miller Migmatic 250, 300 & 380 models available in either Base & Deluxe (synergic) versions. Choose the Migmatic DX if you're looking for easy one knob control set up, want to MIG weld stainless or aluminium.

The Migmatic 250 is the entry level MIG suitable for auto body repair and welding light gauge steel up to 6 mm, whilst the Migmatic 300 is ideal for a 1.2mm mig wire set up welding say 8 mm diameter thick plate. This set would typically be seen in the farming and general repair sectors.

EWM's Saturn 301 provides another alternative with it's exceptional build quality, heavy duty 4 roll drive system and ability to weld as low as 30 amps. The Saturn 300 is a great all rounder, as you can run 0.8mm to 1.2mm MIG wire with equal performance & the ability to purchase this set with or without meters gives you a calibration option.

Saturn 301 MIG

*EWM's Saturn 301 compact MIG

Ramp up to the Migmatic 380 if you're looking to weld structural fabrications up to circa 12 mm. The 380 has a whopping 30 voltage steps and is recommend for the construction sector & excavator bucket repair. We currently have a number of these machines fabricating steel lorry bodies.