At Foster Industrial, we stock a broad selection of high quality light to heavy weight welding blankets. Blankets protect against welding fire, stray sparks, weld spatter, extreme temperatures, and liquid metal.

Which Welders Blanket should I buy?

-Light duty blankets conform to EN476-7, have a one hour fire rating, a temperature threshold of 600 degrees C and are suitable for welding and grinding applications.

-Medium duty conform to EN476-8, are glass fibre in manufacture, withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees and likewise act as a weld barrier.

-Heavy duty blankets are made from silicate fibre, have a 2 hour fire rating and a temperature rating of 1200 degrees C. Whilst they are utilised as a weld spatter barrier, they can also contain molten metal and are extremely tear resistant.

It is essential for hot work & welding tasks to be contained and safe at all times.It is important that all the security precautions are in put in place in order to prevent spatter damage or the ignition of materials.

How does a welding blanket provide protection?

The typical blanket is made out of fire retardant or fire resistant materials and is an essential accessory found in industrial welding environments. Whilst it is possible to melt and damage a welding blanket, they will never burn, so there is less risk of a fire developing during hot work operations. This type of protective product has several different uses (as outlined above) and it can be employed as an emergency solution in the event of stray sparks causing a fire, if necessary.

In the past, asbestos was commonly used to line blankets, but the products available at Foster Industrial are constructed from non-toxic and tear resistant woven glass & silicate fibre. With blankets available from Foster Industrial in roll form or in a range of different sizes (1 to 2 metres), you choose your level of protection according to the welding application.

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