At Foster Industrial we believe that it is extremely important to protect your lungs. Using a dust mask, and one that fits properly, may not be as obvious as gloves or safety goggles, but is nevertheless just as vital. 3M & Segre dust masks will protect you from vapours, gases, odours, welding fumes, and of course, dust kicked up in the workplace so that none of those harmful particles in the air end up in your lungs.

Not using a respirator in the industrial environment has been linked to disease and even death, so using the correct mask for the hazard identified under your risk aassessment is paramount.

Fit testing requirements

You should carry out a fit test for your Respiratory Protective Equipment(RPE). Ensuring you have the proper fit will keep you safe while at work. It will also reduce humidity, so that your goggles don't fog up and make it hard or impossible to see. All masks are adjustable to fit any face shape or size, so use the head straps and nose clip to create a tight seal. The mask is essentially useless if airborne particles can sneak in the sides.

The HSE is clear in it's message when it comes to the fit testing of tight fitting face pieces(masks). In summary they expect the following:

-The dust mask must be matched to the work environment. Cross check with COSHH & MSDS sheets to make sure you're adequately covered.

-The test must be undertaken undertaken by a competent person. Foster Industrial can organise this for you.

-Tests must specify; Name of person, the model of mask, date, pass level, date, person carrying out the test etc.

Choosing the right level of protection

Dust masks need to meet European standard EN149:2001. This directive specifies three levels of protection; P1, P2 & P3. Segre would classify this as basic, medium & premium.

The basic level of filtration FFP1 is appropriate for most work, including that involving agriculture and sawdust, with particle matter such as that generated by welding being covered by FFP2.  The premium level of protectio, FFP3, is recommended for biohazard agents and radioactive elements.

Work safely

Our team at Foster Industrial strives to keep you safe and healthy while you work, and we pride ourselves on providing the best products that create a secure, hazard free environment for you to carry out your tasks. All masks are packaged in hygienic plastic bags, ensuring you always get a clean respirator.

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