Our selection of high quality TIG welding tungsten electrodes come with industry colour coded classifications, so that you can always identify which tungstens are right for the task at hand. With everything from thoriated for mild steel & stainless work to zirconiated tig welding tungstens for aluminium welding, our range has it covered.

We'll guide you through what defines a Tig Tungsten & which ones to buy.

A welding tungsten is a non-consumable electrode which is made out of a rare metallic element. This typical electrode is available in a broad range of different sizes and lengths and is either made up of 99% tungsten or a combination of tungsten and other oxides and elements. It has the highest melting point of any metal so can be used to transfer a welding current to an arc without breaking down or degrading.

TIG welding tungsten types & colour codes

You will find that a lot of welding equipment is colour coded for efficiency and safety and TIG welding tungstens are no exception to this rule. There are three main types of tungsten available from Foster Industrial:

The colour white, zirconiated, is best used for AC welding on aluminium and magnesium. Furthermore, the colour gold, lanthanated, is best suited to welding steel and stainless steel. Finally, thoriated tungsten is coloured in red and best used for carbon and stainless steel, nickel, and titanium.

Buy TIG Welding Tungstens from Foster Industrial

The form and shape of the tungstens that you use will have an impact on the arc quality and the integrity of weld results. This is why it is important to pick your TIG welding tungstens very carefully, no matter whether you are using an AC or DC approach. It is the best way to maximise the efficiency and success of your TIG welding operations.

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