Foster stocks a variety of male and female welding cable connectors for fitting to welding cable. This includes plugs and sockets, as well as panel mounted sockets for connecting the cable directly to your welding power source.

Foster Industrial can advise on choosing the right connector & how to fit them correctly.

Different cable connectors are best for different jobs, but it's basically a choice between the old style welding lug, which is becoming something of a rarity or the more commonly seen camlock connector system. These twist type cable connectors are made from brass with a rubber insulating wall and conform to European standard EN60 974-12

Making sure you purchase the correct size connector for your cable will ensure you transfer welding current efficiently and safely; whether you're using a welder generator or stick welding inverter.

Fitting connectors to welding cable

-Strip back the plastic casing from end of the cable using a knife to reveal 25mm in length of copper strand.

-Remove the rubber sleeve back from the connector & slide over the end of the cable.

-Push and twist the cable into the copper ferrule within the connector.

-Tighten the screw on top of ferrule to secure the cable within the ferrulle using an allen key and slide rubber sleeve back on.

The different types of connector cables

Female socket type welding cable connectors crimp directly onto your cable and come in a variety of sizes to correlate with your welding cables. Ranging from 25 sq.mm, 35-50sq.mm and 50-70 sq.mm. You should be able to find a size compatible with your cable.

Male welding cable connectors are suitable for fitting to a female cable connector or panel mounted socket and come in a variety of sizes too ranging from 25 sq.mm, 35-50 sq.mm and 50-70 sq.mm to match the female connector.

Panel weld cable connect systems accept male connectors and come in 25 sq.mm, 50 sq.mm and 70 sq.mm, again this matches with your male connectors.

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