Miller Tig Welders

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Miller STH 160 TIG Welder 059016013
£1,140.06 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
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Miller Maxstar 210 DC TIG Welder 907684001
£3,302.35 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
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Miller Dynasty 210 AC/DC TIG Welder 907816003
£4,329.62 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Miller Dynasty 210 AC/DC TIG Runner 907816004
£6,672.28 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Miller Maxstar 280 DX DC TIG Welder 907539002
£3,884.40 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
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Miller Dynasty 300 AC/DC TIG Welder 907819002
£5,552.40 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Miller Dynasty 300 AC/DC TIG Runner 907819003
£7,262.40 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
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Miller Tigmatic 300iP DC TIG Welder 059016034
£2,928.66 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Miller Syncrowave 300 AC/DC TIG Runner 907782003
£6,098.16 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Miller Dynasty 400 AC/DC Water Cooled TIG Package
£10,339.20 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
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We stock Miller TIG machines in a variety of amperages and input voltages to fit all budgets. All of the power sources come with a three year True Blue warranty.

Unique Auto-Line Input Voltage Technology

Both the Miller Maxstar and Dynasty TIG Welder models offer Auto-Line Power Management Technology. This gives you the ability to weld better with uninterrupted production, as your arc will stay perfectly steady even if you experience fluctuations in your primary power. Auto-Line will also draw fewer amps, allowing more welding machines to operate without having to boost the incoming power to your building. And it’s extremely efficient, your bills will decrease as your productivity rises, with more welding output on 110 volt primary than ever before. The Maxstar 150, for instance, can produce thirty percent more power from 110 volt input than other manufacturer’s models. This technology’s biggest feature is that it gives you the flexibility to seamlessly move sites & plug into different primary power input at a different location.

Should you choose the Miller Maxstar or Dynasty models?

The Miller Maxstar Series provides the operator with cutting edge technology at every level of DC TIG Welding, it’s the most flexible and reliable DC TIG/STICK on the market. If you need to conduct TIG welding on steel and/or stainless steel then this is the best choice for you.

Maxtar 210 : Welds up to 6.4mm

Maxstar 280 : Welds up to 9.5mm

Maxstar 400 : Welds up to 16mm

The Miller Dynasty Series offers operators a professional AC/DC TIG welding solution. These incredible TIG Welders from Miller Electric are perfect for welding any type of metal whether ferrous or non-ferrous, but are predominately used to weld aluminum.

Here’s a summary of Miller TIG welding machine range capabilities:

Dynasty 210: Welds up to 6.4mm

Dynasty 300: Welds up to 9.5mm

Dynasty 400: Welds up to 16mm

The Miller Dynasty 300 & 400 TIG's unique feature.

The Miller Dynasty models are asymmetric power sources and can isolate the weldment from the torch so the torch stays cold while the work heats up. This produces a deeper, narrower and faster weld and makes it 20% more energy efficient than other comparable equipment.

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