The broad range of welding rods on offer at Foster Industrial is the perfect choice for heavy duty welding and everyday fabrication. We stock stick welding electrodes for almost every kind of application – from the 6013 mild steel to 7018 low hydrogen rods, 308 and 316 stainless steel stick, and 312 dissimilar welding rods.

They are all manufactured from the finest quality materials and come with CE marking and factory certification. To complete a stick welding job with integrity, you need to study the welding classifications & select product accordingly.

Welding Rod Classifications Explained

6013: The 6013 is used for all-position welding of new, clean sheet metal. It features a soft arc for minimal spatter, offers moderate penetration and the slag is easy to clean.

7018: The 7018 is a low hydrogen electrode used where crack free, high integrity welds are essential. Designed to improve both the bead appearance and the deposition rate for mild alloyed steel welding in high restraint conditions.

316: The 316 electrodes are designed for welding 316 type chromium-nickel steel

308: The 308 classification electrode is meant for welding austenitic types of stainless steel. Suitable for 304 as well as some 321 & 347 materials.

312: The 312 is a basic rutile style of electrode for difficult to weld or dissimilar materials.

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