Miller MIG welders offer integrity, reliability & durability. At Foster Industrial, we stock a good breadth of machines from the Miller MIG stable covering a wide selection of features, amperages and capabilities. Choose between the Miller MPI, Migmatic base & deluxe options. All of the machines are backed with a three year warranty, except for the MIgmatic 175.

The MPI 220 pulse MIG utilises inverter technology rather than a weighty main transformer. It's ideal for working with stainless steel and aluminium up to 5 mm & features one knob synergic control. Weighing just 16 kilos with a 240 volt input, it’s a great machine for light maintenance & farm work and it’s multi process capability allows you to stick & TIG weld too. We can advise you on the welding leads & Tig welding torch you require to complete your set up.

Stepping away from inverter technology, the Migmatic range uses stepped voltage technology, with models available in 'traditional' Base or deluxe (DX) pulse versions. The deluxe model offers a multitude of welding programs for mild steel, stainless and aluminium. The beauty is in the ease of set up.

Here's a run down of your options:

-Migmatic 175. Welds up to 5mm (240 volt input). Not available in DX version.

-Migmatic 220. Welds up to 6mm (240 volt input).

-Migmatic 250. Welds up to 6mm (415 volt input)

-Migmatic 300. Welds up to 8 mm (415 volt input)

-Migmatic 380. Welds up to 12mm (415 volt input)

Understanding MIG Welding

The MIG welding process can either be partially or fully automated and it is a popular approach because it offers an increased level of adaptability and efficiency. It is perfect for use with the following materials: carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and most alloys.

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