New technology enhances premium welding helmet range.

Foster Industrial is significantly enhancing it's auto darkening welding helmet range with the exciting addition of two new systems. This follows the launch of the base line Foster Pro mask last year & follows product trials and feedback from customers.


The new helmets, the 'Grind-Plus' & the 'Prem-Air' both incorporate brand new True-View welding lens technology. True-View allows the operator to view through the welding filter in it's light state with more clarity & contrast, meaning the operator doesn't have to keep lifting his head top to inspect the job. As well as True-View, the 'Grind-Plus' head top incorporates a large viewing area of 110 x 60 mm, low battery warning flash, sensitivity & delay function.

The Foster 'Prem-Air' marks the companies first venture into the powered air respirator market and carries the requisite high specification associated with any Foster own brand product. The welder's comfort is kept at the optimum level, by a three speed variable air blower & the Prem-Air boasts smartsensor technology which keeps the air flow stable regardless of the variation in load.

With over 150 premium own brand products in the portfolio & a range of TIG wires imminent, the Foster offering goes from strength to strength.