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UTP ROBOTIC Chromeless 600 Hardfacing wire 1.2 mm 16 Kg
£258.00 (Inc VAT)
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Iabco HF600 Hardfacing MIG Wire 1.6mm 15kg
£247.20 (Inc VAT)
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Iabco HF600 Hardfacing MIG Wire 1.2mm 15kg
£277.20 (Inc VAT)
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Fosco Hardfacing Wire 650 1.2mm
£328.54 (Inc VAT)
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What advantages do metal cored Hardfacing MIG wires offer over solid?

Metal cored hardfacing wires, such us as UTP's Robotic 600 Chromeless wire offer reduced spatter, smooth wetting and are considered more welder friendly than solid wires. Their stable arc lowers the defect rate and reduces post weld clean up. 

A seamless design a copper coated surface provides excellent arc stability and resistance to porosity and rust formation.

In the case of the UTP Chromeless product, the removal of chrome & nickel, means there is a reduction in hazardous welding fume particulate. 

350 versus 600 grade Hardfacing MIG wire

Hardfacing 350 has greater impact resistance and is fully machinable, where as the HF600 is not. Hardfacing 600 is grind only. HF350 can be deposited layer upon layer, potentially offering greater hardness than a HF600 or HF960 wire.

Typically, you would select a HF600 wire, for good level abrasion resistance and the overlaying of wear resistant parts, such as digger teeth.

We've teamed up with manufacturers UTP, Bohler, Hobart & IABCO to supply flux cored, self shielding MIG wires that are ideal for outdoor conditions & IABCO HF600 which is a quality solid MIG wire requiring shielding gas.

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