Foster Industrial offers Speedglas spare parts and accessories for a variety of welding helmets; namely, the 3M Speedglas 100, 9002 and 9100 series models. The 9002 is now obsolete, but whilst 3M withdrew the sale of the helmet itself, we still stock the spares that keep you running.

Speedglas Magnification lenses. We offer magnifying lenses from 1 to 3 dioptre which fit inside the helmet to make detailed work easier. In the 100 & 9100 models, the lenses clip in against the faceplate of the hood, functioning much like reading glasses or bifocals. This is particularly helpful if you normally wear glasses or other corrective lenses for near vision, but don't want to wear them under your welding helmet.

Other solutions such as wearing a prescription spectacle underneath your helmet may be effective, but misting & a lack of comfort is often an issue.

Speedglas Accessories.

We also offer a full range of other accessories for Speedglas welding helmets, such as throat covers, head covers, sweatband replacements, cover kits, visor plates, filter lenses, and even full replacement helmet shells and headbands. The 9100 in particular offers you the chance to accessorise with a choice of standard, scratch resistant and heat resistant lenses, whilst you may want to switch your towelling sweatband for leather. With three different 9100 lens sizes, we stock the requisite 9100v, 9100x & 9100xx inner lenses too.


Replacing parts as they wear out is a great way to keep the structure of your helmet working well for as long as possible; replacing the entire hood is a lot more expensive than simply customizing it and replacing parts as they become damaged. This way, you can ensure that you make one of your most frequently used pieces of equipment keeps protecting you the way it should.

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