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3M Speedglas 100 Black Welding Helmet 751120
£186.66 (Inc VAT)
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3m Speedglas G5-01 Welding Helmet With G5-01VC 611130
£822.00 (Inc VAT)
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3M Speedglas G5-02 Welding Helmet 621120
£799.20 (Inc VAT)
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3M Speedglas 9100V Welding Helmet
£446.45 (Inc VAT)
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Speedglas 9100XXi Welding Helmet 501826
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Speedglas 100 Razor Dragon Helmet
£214.01 (Inc VAT)
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Speedglas 100 Trojan Helmet
£196.18 (Inc VAT)
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If you are on the lookout for the best welding helmet to keep you safe during heavy duty welding, cutting or grinding operations, you are in the right place. Look no further than our wide selection of Speedglas 9100 welding masks, in a choice of two head tops (9100 or 9100fx grinding) and three lens sizes.

The 3M Hornell Speedglas 9100 auto darkening cell is an innovation in welding filter lens technology which allows for no fewer than seven shade levels. With its super quick switching time, 2000 hour battery life & Tig welding capability as low as 1 amp, you’re never likely to find it lacking against other models.

Introduction of enhanced welding lens technology with the launch of the Speedglas 9100xxi welding helmet

In 2016, the Speedglas 9100xxi welding filter is set to take the market by storm. With features such as natural colour light state, set & forget, Instant-on, one touch weld to grind mode, this innovative new welding lens will cast the competition aside.

Personalised comfort-The Speedglas 9100 headgear

This specially designed head band comes with two adjustable crown straps and a ratchet with a self-adjusting back strap for efficient smooth, tightening and helmet repositions. The head harness can accommodate head sizes from 500 to 640mm. These features were introduced in response to feedback from 9002 users, who listed improved headgear comfort as a top priority.

Explaining the 9100fx grinding headtop

The Speedglas 9100fx head top comes with a flip up spark and spatter head cover. This flip up functionality allows for grinding and protection from overhead hazards. This protective visor has larger dimensions than previous models (17cm x 10 cm) and has been redesigned to allow for a wider field of view in all directions.

See life through another lens

The 9100 lenses are optimised for Stick, MIG, TIG with Cut, Grind, Tack, Hidden Arc and Outdoor settings. The 3M Speedglas 9100V welding helmet has seven dark shade levels, sensitivity levels, delay adjustment and side windows. The four user selectable sensitivity levels handles all types of arc welding and the delay setting allows for dark to light switch time adjustment with a switching time of 40 to 1300 milliseconds, so you can get on with your welding quickly & safely.


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