Here at Foster Industrial, we offer top quality branded replacement spare parts for the Speedglas 9000 & 9100 air welding helmets and the Adflo powered air respirator. The 9100 air headtop is in effect Speedglas' third generation air fed helmet, incorporating latest innovations such as the optional FX grinding headtop and an ergonomically designed headgear.

Adflo's Lightweight lithium-ion batteries ease the burden on your back. Indeed, make sure you order the correct battery. Choose between the old style nickel-hydride and the new style lithium-ion battery, now supplied as standard on all new helmets. The lithium battery offers one main advantage, it is 40 % lighter, reducing the weight of the whole system by 17% overall- great when working for long hours.

You can upgrade from nickel hydride by buying a conversion kit from us and you can extend battery life from 8 hours to 12, by purchasing the heavy duty option.

Adflo hose options explained

The are a number of hose configerations based upon whether you have 9002 or 9100 air headtops and Versaflo/Adflo powered respirators. We're here to make sure you make the correct choice:

834000 hose; Old style standard hose fits 9000 headtop.

834016 hose; New style hose fits 9100 headtop and adflo/ versaflo respirator.

533505 adaptor; Adapts old hose (834000) to new 9100 air / Versaflo type headtops.

533506 adaptor: Adapts new hose (834016) to old 9002 air headtops.

Adflo Powered air respirator filter protection

Respirators are absolutely vital for welders; you must protect your lungs from the hazardous metal particles that spray into the air every time you weld. Beyond the Adflo battery options, you are there a number of accessories which will enhance filter life and your protection. The particulate filter comes as standard to filter metal dust, whilst the pre-filter prolongs it's life span. The odour filter will remove smells, with the gas filter protecting against certain in-organic and organic vapours. Foster Industrial technical staff will happily advise on your options.

Why choose Foster Industrial?

For UK customers, we offer next day delivery, and our parts are always competitively priced. We back all of our products with a guarantee of quality, and we want to make sure you're totally satisfied with your experience purchasing from Foster Industrial. Whether you're buying for your personal welding workshop, for a small business or to outfit a much larger operation, we have the Speedglas Adflo personal protection parts you need to make it a success.

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