The Hornell Speedglas auto darkening cells continue to be made in Sweden to this day. They are extremely popular with industrial welders because they are comfortable, able to respond in well under a millisecond to a welding arc and they can filter up to UV 13 and IR 13 light from the human eye.

With a wide range of filter lens sizes, fun designs and colours on offer, Speedglas welding helmets from Foster Industrial are the ideal choice for anybody who is keen to put safety first. For those who work in maintenance, industrial environments, or home workshops and garages, this is a brand which will allow you to weld in complete security. Choose between the Speedglas 100 and Speedglas 9100 welding helmets according to your budget and application.

Frequently Asked Questions about Welding Helmets

Does the delay on auto darkening helmets pose a risk to the eyes?

With an auto darkening filter, like the ones on Speedglas helmets, the lenses do not darken until a welding arc is initiated. However, there is no risk of damage to the eyes during this extremely brief delay, because Speedglas welding helmets offer UV and IR protection even whilst the helmet is not active. This means that the eyes are always protected, no matter what you are doing or what stage of the welding process you are moving through.

Will a fixed or variable shade lens be the best choice for me?

The vast majority of welders use a wide variety of welding processes and techniques during their working day, so it is not really sufficient these days to wear a welding helmet with a fixed level of shade. If this sounds like you, the best advice is to pick up a Speedglas helmet with a variable shade lens, because you adjust to the most suitable degree of darkness for your work. With this in mind, the Speedglas 9100 helmet offers a wealth of flexibility with it’s shade variations: Shade 5 for plasma cutting & gas welding, Shade 8; for plasma cutting above 50 amps, Shade 9: for low amperage TIG welding & car body repair, Shade 11/12: for general MIG & TIG welding, Shade 13: for flux cored MIG welding.

For comfortable and reliable Speedglas & Adflo welding helmets, in a variety of different models and lens sizes & designs, check out the products on offer at Foster Industrial today. We stock a broad range of Speedglas helmets designed to keep welding operatives protected whilst they work and they are all backed by a two year warranty.

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