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With the help of these three year warranty backed, rugged and reliable plasma cutting machines, your workshop or garage will be able to deal with your metal cutting needs with ease.

It doesn’t matter if you work in maintenance, farming, the industrial sector, or you simply like the idea of tackling hands on manual tasks without having to call in the experts, because this market leading range of plasma cutting machines are here to make heavy duty jobs easier. They are significantly more accurate than hand held oxy/fuel cutters, hacksaws and shears, are simple to operate, and offer great value for money too.

The Benefits of Using a Plasma Cutter

Cuts Through Anything

A high quality plasma cutter is able to cut through all kinds of metal, including carbon steel, nickel alloys, stainless steel, titanium, cobalt, copper, aluminium, cast iron, and magnesium. If it can conduct, a Hypertherm plasma cutter will be able to handle it with the minimum of effort and that includes stacked or expanded metals. What is more, they are extremely efficient at gouging out steel. All Hypertherm models, Powermax 45XP and above have a gouging capability, you just need to change over your cutting spares.

Easy To Transport

Modern manufacturing methods and inverter technology has allowed Hypertherm plasma cutters to get much lighter and smaller. These days, machines are easy to use, transport, and store. For instance, the Powermax 125 is the largest machine in the range cutting a gigantic 57mm, but weighs just 58 kilos. In essence, all you need is a power source, electricity, compressed air & a set of cutting spares. The Powermax 30 air has an integral compressor, making it even more portable.

Fast And Efficient

The incredibly powerful heat that is produced by the plasma cutting arc means that even the thickest of metals can be cut in a matter of minutes. Whilst the exact cutting time will depend on the type and dimensions of the metal in question, the plasma arc can be intensified by increasing voltage and adjusting the air pressure upwards allows more metal to be blown away. Additionally, these tools are guaranteed to be faster and more efficient than standard oxyfuel cutting methods.

Amazing Accuracy

The innovative cone like shape of the plasma arc makes it ideal for delivering a superb level of accuracy and precision with minimal heat distortion. In fact, Hypertherm plasma cutting tools can even be used to cut metals into complex angles and shapes, if necessary. This makes them a great choice not just for industrial workers, but for manual artists too.

For powerful and reliable plasma cutting tools, accessories, and replacement parts, put your trust in Hypertherm products today. At Foster Industrial, we stock a wide variety of different products, from plasma cutting devices to individual nozzles, swirl rings, deflectors, and shields. Our prices are always competitive and because you are our top priority, your satisfaction always comes first. 

With Hypertherm plasma cutting tools, tackling tough metals no longer has to be a chore. For superior performance, precision functioning, and high quality results, take a look at the Hypertherm products on offer at Foster Industrial today and bag yourself a bargain.

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