This Swedish born range of Speedglas welding helmets came to the fore in 1983 when Hornell invented the first auto darkening welding filter. The auto darkening cells are still manufactured in Sweden & react within 0.1 of a millisecond of the welding arc being struck, filtering UV 13 & IR 13 light from the eye.

Speedglas 100 & 9100 series compared; The Speedglas 100v lens technology is ideally suited to semi-professional welders as it has five shade level capability between 8 to 12 which covers most bases. However, it is not suitable for low amp Tig welding work and it’s 1500 hour battery life does not compare favourably with the more imperious 9100v lens which will last for 2800 hours.

Further, the 100 series doesn’t have the extensive variable shade scope, increased lens size option and beautifully designed headgear of the 9100 series.

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