Foster Industrial recommends the fitting of genuine Hypertherm consumables to your plasma cutter as the best way to guarantee performance and maintain machine and torch warranties.

Genuine Hypertherm spares and torches are manufactured to the highest quality standards allowing you to achieve the very best cut quality time and time again.

We don't just stock standard Hypertherm consumables either, we also carry a range of gouging and finecut consumables too. All systems in the Powermax range, with the exception of the Powermax 30xp and Powermax 30 Air, have the ability to gouge. By using a gouging nozzle and shield you have the ability to melt the metal and blow the molten material away without actually piercing the sheet. This is useful for repair work, weld removal or where any excess metal needs to be removed quickly and cleanly.

Finecut consumables are available for all Powermax machines and allow you to cut thin sheet (max 3mm) very neatly with minimal kerf. As with the gouging spares, a simple change of the nozzle and shield is all that’s required to achieve an ultra-neat cut with the cleanest edge possible.

Also available are consumable kits which offer you the flexibility to cut using different amperages and cutting applications, allowing you to get the most out of your Hypertherm plasma system. Our most popular kit is the all-in-one which is available for each system in the Powermax range. The kits include nozzles, electrodes, swirl rings, retaining caps and shields, and all the consumables are presented in a durable plastic carry case so you can easily see how many spares you have left.

Hypertherm have recently launched HyAccess consumables which are specifically designed for when you need to cut or gouge in tight spaces. The consumables are almost 76mm longer than the standard torch setup providing better visibility and accessibility when working on box section, channels and corners.

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