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Air Products Gases

Back in the day, when Beeching rationalised the raliway network, Foster Industrial used vast quantities of oxygen & acetylene for cutting up the track.
Now over 50 years on, we reside as Air Product's longest established supplier of industrial gases in the United Kingdom, supplying a range of innovative gases & cylinders to East Midlands industry.

With two purpose built 18 tonne gas delivery trucks capable of palletised loading and quick turnaround, our experienced drivers also act as customer account managers. Offering a 14-hour delivery window and emergency response, service is at the heart of business.

Recent advances in Air Products IT infrastructure allow live stock replenishment and top up deliveries to Foster Industrial's stock, meaning our customers never go wanting for product.

Air Products gases consist of a range of industry mixtures such as; Argon, Acetylene, Oxygen and Propane. They are particularly innovative when it comes to cylinder and gas mixture technology:

Our Maxx process welding gases offer superb weld quality, excellent penetration, minimal spatter and very low fume levels. These characteristics provide welders with improved safety, quality and productivity.

The Maxx process welding gases are available in our high pressure (300bar) Integra cylinder.

To find out which Maxx gas is right for you visit: Maxx® Shielding Gases

Integra cylinders

The range of Integra cylinders deliver a large volume of gas and with a regulator built in, you’ll never need to buy, repair or calibrate a regulator again.

An innovation in welding safety offering similar contents as a traditional cylinder, but 23% lighter in weight. Integra cylinders are safer to use and easier to work with due to them being smaller and more stable, yet more manoeuvrable than a traditional cylinder.

If you're MIG or TIG welding, Argon Integra Xtralite is a hugely portable cylinder. Up to 5 kilos lighter, than the traditional 10 litre ones.

A further safety enhancement designed into these cutting edge cylinders includes integrated flashback arrestors on all Oxygen & Acetylene bottles.

All of this whilst saving time and money!

Find out more about the Integra range.

Argon Integra® XtraLite

The most portable cylinder of them all. Weighing in up to 5kg lighter than traditional 10 litre cylinders, and helping to meet the EU's manual handling regulations.

Maxx Cut & Weld - Welding made rent free

Maxx Cut & Weld applies the performance characteristics of Maxx gases, to helps hobbyists and skilled professionals achieve the welding results they want.

The higher pressure 10 litre cylinders filled to 200 or 230 bar creates a better working environment and improved results across a range of materials and thicknesses.

To find out more visit: Maxx Cut & Weld®

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