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Our range for the metal fabrication & workshop equipment has been growing over years, to encompass everything from air compressors, magnetic drilling machines & bandsaws to electrical plugs and twist drills.

We stock a large range of broaching cutters for use with magnetic drills. Our cutters are carefully made on the very latest CNC machines for consistent quality and continuity of production. Broaching cutters remove only the metal at the periphery of the hole and eject a solid slug at the end of the cut, meaning less material is converted into ‘chips’ and much less power is required than conventional twist drills. They also cut the same diameter hole twice as fast as a conventional drill bit!

We are excited to announce we now have a brand new range of twist drills from the South African manufacturer SOMTA. SOMTA Tools specialises in the design and manufacture of drills, reamers, milling cutters, tool bits, threading tools and custom tools for the industrial and “do it yourself” markets. Although their full range is not yet online, we have access to 25,000 standard items so please call 01509 509269 for more information.

The featured collection of twist drills we currently have online are from the Hi-Cut range.

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