Wire Cup Brushes

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Spindle Mounted Wire Brush 50mm WBCIR 50
£4.86 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Abracs 70 mm x M14 Twist Knot Cup Brush WB07014T
£9.82 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Abracs 70mm Stainless Twist Knot Cup Brush ABWB07014ST
£21.40 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Abracs 75mm X M14 Crimp Cup Wire Brush WB07514C
£7.56 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Abracs 100mm X M14 Crimp Cup Wire Brush ABWB10014C
£11.53 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Lessmann Conical Stainless Wire Brush 115mm X M14
£42.61 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Faithfull Conical Wire Brush 115MM X M14 X 2. 0.5M Wire
£12.38 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
In Stock
Abracs 120mm M14 Twist Knot Cup Wire Brush WB12014T
£26.41 (Inc VAT)
(Ex VAT)
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Choosing the best wire cup brush for your application

Carbon steel wire cup brushes: Perfect for general purpose cleaning and material removal on steel and iron surfaces.

Stainless Steel wire cup brushes: Ideal for use on stainless steel, aluminum, and other non-ferrous metals to prevent contamination.

Brass wire cup brushes: Excellent for cleaning softer metals, delicate surfaces, and reducing sparking in hazardous environments.

Crimped wire cup brushes: Designed for light to medium-duty applications, providing a balanced combination of flexibility and durability.

Twist knot wire cup brushes: Built for heavy-duty cleaning and aggressive material removal, ensuring a deep and thorough clean.

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