As one of the leading manufacturers of welding torches, Binzel is a great choice for anybody looking to pick up top quality, reliable MIG welding guns. At Foster, we stock a wide range of torches and spare parts, from the Abicor Binzel MB15, MB25, MB36 air cooled torch to the MB501 water cooled option.

We'll take you through the four types of Binzel Evo PRO welding torch on offer and differentiate between amperage & weight.

The most agile torch, the MB15, can run at 180 amps and and would typically be used in car body or low duty cycle maintenance environment with 0.6mm or 0.8mm Mig welding tips. The best selling everyday MB25 has a 270 amp capability and is generally used in industrial environments running 1.0-1.2 mm diameter wire. Customers can increase the life span of the hot end spares by changing the M6 tip adaptor for an M8 and utilising the more heavy duty MB40 style contact tips.

The most powerful air cooled Binzel welding torches in the MB range is the MB36, which can take 320 amps and run 1.2mm mig wire comfortably.

As for the Binzel MB501, this is a water cooled welding torch rated at 500 amps & ideal for high amperage high duty cycle work.

Keeping up to with technology with Binzel's Evo Pro range

In 2016, Binzel launched the new Evo pro range. This enhanced the MB range of torches with the addition of a smaller, more curved & ergonomic handle designlighter weight cable assembly & integral swivel knuckle joint.

Getting the lowdown on Water Cooled MIG Torches

The standard air cooled torch uses ambient air and shielding gas to eradicate excess heat. However, a water cooled welding torch adds water to this mix, in order to create a much more lightweight and flexible way of dealing with the surplus heat from heavy duty MIG welding.

The Binzel MB501 MIG Torch typically contains less copper than it's air cooled counterparts and this makes it more manoeuvrable and suitable for a wider range of welding tasks, particularly in regards to heavy amperage welding.

It is important to remember that liquid cooled MIG torches require a cooling or recirculating unit fitting to them which adds to the cost. Fabricators must assess the financial & maintenance implications of buying a Binzel water cooled torch against the benefit of reduced operator fatigue, higher duty cycles and reduced consumable usage.

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