Foster Industrial put an emphasis on quality and nowhere is this more prevalent than our range of MIG welding equipment & supplies.

Our Mild steel MIG welding wire supplies for instance are sourced from premium manufacturers and backed up with the producers' rigorous quality standards.Talk to us for technical guidance on SG2, SG3, A31 & A32 wires or indeed high deposition MIG wire applications, where a combination of welding wire bulkpacks, conduits and fast feed type MIG welders maybe required. High deposition MIG welding can be up to 50 % quicker and we have the application specialists to advise you.

With quality standards growing ever more rigorous, stainless steel MIG welding is now predominately undertaken using Pulse MIG. The benefits are less distortion, lower fume generation, spatter free welds and higher travel speeds-Talk to us about the Miller XMT 350Mpa multi process inverter ! We stock a quality range of stainless steel MIG wires available in a range of reel sizes and grades. Whether it be a small or large job, we like to think we have your stainless wire needs covered.

Our flux cored Hardfacing MIG welding wires are produced my Metrode, who have over fifty years industry experience. Hardcore flux cored wires are excellent for site work and offer weld integrity- a no spatter, all positional, cost effective solution. Hardfacing welding wires are used primarily for overlaying of material, offering protection against abrasion.

 Binzel is a welding manufacturer name synonymous with welding torches, it's range of MB style MIG guns remaining the industry standard torch of choice. The Mb25 welding torch retaining it's position as a top seller year upon year- it's the choice of many sheet metal fabricator. Binzel's MIG torch range has been supplemented in recent times by the introduction of the Abimig range, a heavy dutier option. Above all, we have your Binzel torch and spares requirements covered, from the light & agile air cooled MB15 torch to high duty cycle water cooled MB501.

Why is globular welding and thus spatter so prevalent in MIG welding. According to industry professionals, it's as simple as having your welding machine parameters set correctly- either way, we have the range of anti spatter sprays and dips to combat it !

We have a superb range of MIG welding equipment & would suggest reading our article on buying a MIG welder to assist you with your decision making.


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