Our range of top quality Jackson Air Max welding helmets and accessories offer a competitive safety and protection solution for the face during welding fabrication or grinding and cutting processes.

At Foster Industrial, we stock everything from the branded Jackson Air Max helmets and PAPR filters to air hoses, face seals, sweatbands, and inner and outer protection plates. As one of the most popular manufacturers of welding helmets in the UK, Jackson Safety, a Kimberly Clark company, can be trusted when it comes to producing up to the minute respiratory protection.

With it’s lightweight lithium ion battery ,which fully recharges in just four hours, the whole Air Max system weighs in at just 936 grams. It offers a flow rate of 170 litres per minute for eight continuous hours and the battery alarm even sounds, when you’re running low on power.

Why Choose Jackson Auto Darkening Lenses

The auto darkening lens is a valuable safety innovation which has become more and more common over the last decade. It enables fabricators to carry out welding tasks in complete safety, because it reacts extremely quickly to a strike on a welding arc. In other words, once the welding arc has been hit, the auto darkening lens automatically adjusts in tone to provide protection to the eyes. The Jackson welding filter is solar powered with sensitivity & shade 9 to 13 adjustment. With it’s ergonomic design, carefully padded interior, and tough outer shell, the Multi-view welding head tops is guaranteed to last as long as you do.

The Importance of Caring for Welding Helmets

The bottom line is that air fed welding helmets should be considered a worthwhile investment and it is important to take proper care of them, if you want them to keep taking care of you. This means knowing when to replace the PAPR filter, in order that metal particles don’t enter the lungs. The Jackson Air max system tick sthe box, as a low flow alarm sounds when it’s time to replace the filter.

You can pick up Jackson multi view inner and outer helmet lenses at Foster Industrial in packs of ten, so you should always find it easy to stay prepared. If welding helmets are in almost constant use (or are regularly used for heavy duty industrial welding), it is also a good idea to carry disposable sweat bands and face seals, because they can become grubby after a while.

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