Welding Equipment Hire

Foster Industrial have invested heavily in quality equipment, in order to deliver a comprehensive welding equipment hire fleet to the rental market. 

plasma cutter


Hypertherm Powermax equipment forms the bedrock of our plasma cutting fleet, machines capable of cutting from 12 to 50 mm metals.

The smaller, Powermax 30XP cutter runs on 110 or 240 volt input & costs just £70 per week, whilst the Powermax 105 kit will sever 50mm and has the ability to gouge metal. For most jobs, the Hypertherm Powermax 30XP & 45 models will suffice, but for larger projects, look to the 85 and 105 models with 415 volt input. Make sure you have 32 amps & specify your plug type. Don’t forget you need a compressor!

Hypertherm Powermax 30 hire. 12 mm cutting capacity, 110/240 volt input                   £70.00 per week.

Hypertherm Powermax 45 hire. 25 mm cutting capacity, 240 or 415 volt input.              £100.00 per week.

Hyperttherm Powermax 85 hire. 38mm cuttin g capacity. 415 volt input.                         £110.00 per week.

Hypertherm Powermax 105 hire. 50mm cutting capacity. 415 volt input.                         £150.00 per week.

Mig Machine


We consider the Miller & EWM ranges of MIG equipment to be the most reliable, versatile and durable on the market. From the Migmatic 220 compact able to weld up to 6 mm steel, to EWM’s Pulse Synergic 300 amp machine, which is great for stainless or aluminium, we’ve got your hire requirements covered. 

Miller Migmatic 220. Welds 6mm steel. 240 volt input                                                           £55.00 per week

Miller Migmatic 300. Welds 10mm steel. 415 volt input                                                         £65.00 per week.

Miller XPS450 C/W I22 wire feed unit. 415 volt input                                                             £75.00 per week.

Pulse Synergic 300 amp Mig. 415 volt.                                                                                    £100.00 per week

Stick Welder


The Miller 160 sti inverter will weld a 3.25mm rod on 240 volt & costs just £60 per week to hire.

However, the Miller Maxstar 200 str, is by far our most sought after stick welding tool. With it’s multi-voltage input capability and covering 110, 240 & 415 volts , it’s a site welders dream because of it’s input current flexibility.

 Miller 160 sti inverter. 240 volt input                                                                                          £60.00 per week.

Maxstar 200 str(welds 4.00mm welding rod on 240 & 415v)110/240/415 volt input       £85.00 per week

tig Machines


Foster Industrial offers the easily transportable Miller Maxstar 200dx DC inverter, which Tig welds up to 6.4mm metal and costs £85.00 per week, or the heavy duty Miller Dynasty 350 water cooled machine, which has the capability of welding up to 16mm aluminium.

TIG welding uses a tungsten electrode, and generally produces the highest quality weld. The TIG process can weld just about any metal, but does require the most finesse and skill.

Miller Maxstar 200dx. Welds 6.4mm. 110/240/415 volt input                                               £85.00 per week.

Miller Dynasty 350 water cooled. Welds 16mm. 415 volt input                                            £95.00 per week


 We carry a number of mobile mechanical fume extractors to assist with weld fume elimination in a range of voltages. Welding extractors form an essential part of the welders too kit. They are mounted on wheels & can be easily moved from site to site.

Welding fumes create a significant hazard in an enclosed environment and mobile extraction units offer another layer of protection beyond air fed respirators.

Kemper Profimaster mobile extractor. 110, 240 or 415 volts input                                     £110.00 per week.