Welding Buyers Guide

Buying a Stick Welder

DC stick welding inverters offer a portable, power efficient way of arc welding from 2 mm diameter material upwards.

We offer some stick welder recommendations and discuss a range of topics such as output amperage, input voltage & budgets. 

Arc welders buyers guide

Buying a MIG Welder

We offer a number of 240 volt & 415 volt machine recommendations with capacities & material capabilities to boot.

If you're looking for a more in depth analysis on how to Choose the right MIG Welder our blog discusses numerous MIG machine features to consider such as: voltage step settings, gas purge, burn back, amperage selection, duty cycle, drive roll systems and more.

MIG welders buyers guide

Buying a TIG Welder

We offer opinion & TIG machine recommendations based upon application, portability, thickness of material to be welded & duty cycle.

As a starting point, It's AC for aluminium tig welding and DC for mild steel & stainless. 

TIG welders buyers guide

Buying a Welding Mask

We discuss the welding helmet technology & specifications available and offer informed analysis into different models and manufacturers.

In our blog choosing the right welding helmet, we delve into some technical know how and experience, listing a fourteen point checklist to assist in your purchasing decision.

We explain the difference between passive & auto darkening technology and discuss subjects such as; Automatic park, grinding capability, viewing area, battery life and more.



 Buying a Plasma cutter

With the emphasis increasingly on plasma cutting metals rather than gas cutting, we talk you through some possible plasma cutter choices based upon cutting capacity, gouging capability, compressed air availability, input voltages and more..

Plasma cutters buyers guide