At Foster Industrial, we stock a wide range of mild steel MIG welding wires, in a broad range of classifications such as SG2, SG3, A18, A31 & A32. We offer a number of spool sizes & bulk pack options and are happy to advise on technical issues or reducing your production costs.

What are the advantages of using SG3 MIG wire over SG2?

SG3 wire possesses a higher silicon & manganese content than SG2. It is widely acknowledged that it runs better at higher amperage and offers a stronger weld. Typically, the tensile strength on SG2 wire would be 550 megapascal (mpa) compared to 610 when welding with SG3. Additionally, welding yield is also improved by up to 10%.

What are the benefits of buying Mild steel MIG wire in bulk?

It is now possible to purchase a steel MIG wire in environmentally friendly 250 kilo or larger bulk packs. This can be a great choice for fabricators who work in high deposition welding environments, particularly where high feed speeds mean a 15 kilo spool is exhausted quickly. Additionally, where the cast of the welding wire needs to be notably larger, in order that it feeds down a long conduit to the wire feed unit, a bulk pack system can assist. Whilst it is important to note that MIG wire drums usually cost more than spools, they still offer a saving because of the downtime involved in changing a spool.

Maxiglide liner & Feedmaster Pro feeding systems

Current advances in feeding technology mean mild steel MIG wire can be pushed over large distances with the mimimum of ease. The state of the art Feedmaster Pro system not only delivers your bulk wire to the feeder with adjustable torque control & through a kevlar coated maxiglide liner, it connects to an IP address to deliver up to the minute management information.

The data collection possibilities include real time productivity levels, weld interruption recording, weld time, date & deposit information.

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