Our range of anti spatter sprays and dips will help significantly reduce the accumulation of spatter on hotwork pieces and MIG welding torch consumables.

From tip dip paste to water based sprays in aerosol form, you can increase the lifespan of of hot end MIG consumables by selecting the correct product.

Tips for Reducing MIG Weld Spatter

It can be very difficult to limit the amount of spatter produced by an MIG welder without the help of certain products and solutions. The term ‘spatter’ is used here to refer to the remains of the wire electrode which have not fused with the weld puddle. It is important to control spatter, because too much can have a detrimental impact on weld results.

One of the best ways to reduce spatter, however, is to make sure that your MIG welder is set and operating correctly. In other words, do not be afraid to experiment with the different settings before you start a job – Globular welding can be avoided.

You can use a brief stitch weld pattern test to determine whether your MIG settings are suitable. If you then assess the area surrounding the weld joint and see a large amount of spatter, it is a good idea to decrease the wire speed a little and test the machine again until you reach optimum settings.

Here are a couple of product tips if all else fails:

-By dropping a hot mig welding torch into a tin of tip dip, you will prevent spatter build up on your contact tip & shroud. 

-To reduce spatter build up on your workpiece or jig, spray Foster 360 in the area to be welded and wipe the job with a rag or wire brush it afterwards. Foster 360 is a biodegrable, non-silicone, non-flammable product with a gloopy consistency that prevents it from running into corners. A move away from solvent based anti spatter sprays means it's completely safe to use & as it's non-silicone, you can paint the job afterwards with ease.

Buy Anti Spatter Spray from Foster Industrial

If you want to deal with weld spatter in the easiest and most time efficient way possible though, there is nothing better than a reliable anti-spatter spray or dip from Foster Industrial. This kind of product could not be simpler to use, because all that you need to do is shake up the can or tin and then cover the space in which you plan to carry out the hotwork task.

It is best not to apply too much of the solution to a weld joint itself, because a surplus amount of this material can lead to minor welding imperfections and a weaker seam.

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