Planned Preventative Maintenance & Calibration

The calibration of welding equipment is carried out on machines fitted with meters, in order to determine whether the indications are within required tolerances to the actual output. 

Operating primarily across the Midlands, Foster Industrial have a team of three engineers, with over sixty years experience, who will visit your premises and calibrate your welding equipment to BS EN 50504. This will assist you in meeting ISO9000 quality requirements and form part of the conformance needed to satisfy BS EN 1090 structural steel CE marking.

Our planned preventatitive maintenance programme dovetails neatly with the structural steel sector's need to satisfy BS EN 1090 CE marking requirements on machine upkeep & adds to the reliabilty and longevity of client's equipment.

Every customer is issued with a service certificate for each welding machine, cataloging every part of the equipment subjected to inspection.

Welding Equipment Calibration

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