Foster's selection of state of the art flashback arrestors are a quick and easy way to prevent blow back from gas cylinders and protect workers from nasty accidents.

What is a flashback arrestor?

If a flammable combination of gas and oxygen is used in a gas line upstream for welding, cutting, heating, or other types of hot work, there is a possibility that a flashback flame may be directed back down the gas line. This can result in serious injury, so it is important for gas welding operatives to be protected by a high quality flashback arrestor. The standard flashback arrestor is a small metal tube with an element which rapidly cools any flames which travel back through the gas line. It also contains a pressure or heat actuated cut off component, so that hose leaks can be identified and dealt with immediately.

How often should you inspect flashback arrestors?

If used for industrial or heavy duty hot work operations, flashback arrestors must be inspected for wear and tear at least once every year. Plus, matter what their condition, these safety devices should be replaced once every five years. Talk to one of the Foster Industrial team about CP7 code of practice.

Which type of flashback arrestor should you use?

At Foster Industrial, we supply everything from Gas Arc resettable flashback arrestors to standard barrel auto types, so you are guaranteed to find the perfect device for your welder here.

Whilst auto type arrestors are fairly basic devices which eradicate dangerous flashback on contact, a resettable arrestor is able to automatically shut down the gas supply following a flashback. This means that resettable flashback arrestors come with a greater capacity for protection. They will shut down all connected hot work operations in an instant, so that faults and hazards can be identified and removed. However, they can then be reset once the inner sleeve has been recalibrated.

With top quality flashback arrestors from Foster Industrial, you will never have to worry about heat based flashbacks or backflows again. It is time to put safety first with the help of Foster Industrial.

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