Buying a Fume Extractor

Buying a Fume Extractor

Selecting the right mobile welding fume extractor for the job.

1./ On MIG torch extraction with mobile fume eliminator.

In terms of fume removal, the on MIG torch option is by far the most effective with up to 70% of the fume being captured.

The Foster Prem-X-200 extractor  with Binzel RAB torch is a lightweight & mobile solution, which extracts the welding plume down a adjustable MIG torch nozzle.

The efficient integrated cleaning device on the Prem-X-200 increases filter life & an automatic start-stop feature minimises noise whilst improving the service life of the motor.

It should be noted that this unit is not W3 compliant, therefore not suitable for stainless steel welding.

Prem-X-200 weld fume eliminator

*The Foster Prem-X-200 with Binzel RAB MIG torch

2./ Light duty portable fume extractor for maintenance environments.

Kemper Smartmaster: Great entry level budget fume extractor suitable for low level fume and occasional use.

-Will filter stainless steel & other high alloys metals.

-Available in 110 & 240 volt versions, swivel hood, 2 & 3 metre arm versions.

-Three filter system includes pre-filter mats, pre-filter & main filter.

3/.Medium duty options

Kemper Profimaster; Industrial fume extractor for regular use.

-Suitable for low to medium levels of fume.

-Suitable for high alloy, mild steel fume etc.

-Available in 110, 240 & 415 volt models with 2, 3 & 4 metre rotatable arm options.

-Easy change two filter(pre & main) system was a nice enhancement from the previous Filtermaster model.

ProtectoXtract; Brilliant if you want to grind as well as weld, as you can retrofit a grinding filter-unique in the industry. The amazing five part filter system covers all bases:

-Gross filter; Disposable & lasts 40 to 70 hours.

-Prefilter; Removes large particles.

-Carbon filter; Takes out nasty smells & odours.

-Main filter (sub-micro): Removes metal particles.

-Retrofit spark filter(for grinding):A metal defector plate sends sparks into a catch box.

This model is available in a 3 metre arm version only with 110 or 240 volt input.