The Welding World Award: A marketing dream.

weldingawardfipackagingWe’re proud to have been nominated for three 2018 Welding Awards and present to a judging panel on February 5th in defence of our Best Distributor title & go firmly in pursuit of the other two titles Best Gas Agent & Best e-commerce website organisation.

Winning an award  has enhanced our reputation & allowed us many opportunities to strengthen our brand by displaying the welding world logo alongside our own.

Buildings, livery, product packaging, vans & the website have adorned the award logo & we've seen the benefit the added authority of receiving such an accolade can have on our business.

Managing Director, Richard Foster  takes up the story: 'Customers have seen the promotion of the award on our work wear and it's been a talking point. Coupled to this, a lot of customers have seen our accolade on social media & it can only enhance our reputation. Sales staff were also delighted to win the award & use the kudos that came with it prospect for new business'

The Welding World Welding Awards were introduced in 2016 to lift the profile of the industry. The 2018 awards being presented on Wednesday April 11th at the gala dinner.