Celebrating Heritage with a Look to the Future

Foster Industrial, is celebrating its heritage with a look to the future as it hosts two specialist welding events to showcase the technology of the future.

Demonstrating Welding Equipment at Foster Industrial

Part of the firm’s 130 year anniversary celebrations, the Specialist Welding Application Days will see representatives from global brands EWM and Miller visit the Shepshed site to showcase equipment, give live demonstrations and take questions.

Featuring the very latest welding techniques and developments, attendees will learn the benefits of new technologies such as TIG SPEED high speed TIG welding, SPOT ARC tack welding and RMD MIG root pipe welding and how they can help improve welding quality and productivity on the factory floor.

Richard Foster, Joint Managing Director at Foster Industrial, explained, “Many of these new technologies are not only faster but also easier for the operator. This has the dual benefit of improving productivity but also helping to address the current shortage of skilled welding operatives.

“We know from listening to our customers across the East Midlands that they want to look at the latest advances in welding equipment and these days are a chance to find out what currently exists and where the industry is heading.”

The events are being held at Foster Industrial’s premises on Golders Road, on Wednesday 6 and Thursday 7 July. Places must be booked in advance by calling Rob Foster on 07977 272966 or Steve Irwin on 07971 0100042.