At Foster Industrial, you can purchase high quality heavy duty copper welding cable at affordable prices. Our products are adaptable, strong, reliable, and PVC protected – they come in a selection of five different sizes from 16 to 70 square millimetres and we'll even cut it for you by the metre.

Our range is enhanced with a selection of welding leads and earth welding cable kits that will fit quickly & easily onto your arc welder and a variety of other welding cable connectors and lugs.

Foster will guide you through picking the right size cable related to amperage & assist you in selecting the correct welding leads.

Welding Cable amp rating guide (Assuming a maximum length of 15 metres)

16 sq. mm : up to 100 amps

25 sq. mm ; 100-150 amps

35 sq. mm : 150-250 amps

50 sq. mm; 300-400 amps

70 sq. mm : 400-500 amps

NOTE: Once the length of the cable increases, so will the thickness of cable required to carry the current. Call the Foster sales team for further guidance.

Choose the Best Welding Cable

The general rule of thumb says that, for industrial welding, the heavier and stronger the cable, the more secure and safe weld workers will be. Plus, the heft of the cable is directly linked to how well an electrical current will flow through it – similarly, the vast majority of shops, garages, and weld warehouses always opt for copper braiding over aluminium. This is because copper enables the electrical current to travel through the cable without making things too hot. At Foster Industrial, all of our welding cables are PVC insulated so as to prevent cuts and burns to both the cable and the worker. We believe that safety is paramount when it comes to stick welding work and our cables are suitably tough and flexible.

Choosing your welding leads

The key to selecting the correct welding leads is:

1./ Identifying the size of the male twist dinse connector that fits your welder.(Typically, the 35/50mm adaptor)

2./ Making sure the leads & earth clamp have enough current carrying capacity.

We stock 400amp earth & electrode 5 metre welding lead sets with 35/50 mm male connectors as standard, but if you require a smaller or larger capacity set we can fulfil your requirements.

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